About MF

Murder Friends podcast

Murder Friends is run by three friends from three different countries: Canada, England and the United States. While we all come from different countries, our love of true crime has brought us together.

Each week we’ll be sharing our favourite (and most hated) TV shows, podcasts, movies and books about everything true crime.

Interested in real mysteries but not sure where to start? Check out our True Crime 101 episodes – these are perfect for those who are interested in getting into true crime, but not sure where to begin.

Alanna (The Canadian)

I honestly couldn’t tell you when I first got into true crime – it’s like it’s always been there. I remember watching Forensic Files, 48 Hours and Dateline with my parents most evenings when I was probably a bit too young..

Ever since then, I can’t help but get sucked into a good mystery.

I’ve been living in England for the last few years and thankfully met my Murder Friends who understand my upsetting interest in murder and mysteries.

Hannah (The Brit)

My dad used to read thick, heavy books on unsolved mysteries. Stories ranged from missing two ton wrecking balls to Pterodactyl type creatures emerging from hollow rocks unearthed by miners. Fascination with unsolved mysteries turned into unsolved crimes which started my interest in true crime. It inspired me to recently complete a Bsc in Criminology (with Psychology).

Now my degree is over, I spend my time sleeping on commuter trains, trying to figure out how my mum can solve any murder mystery television programme in approximately seven minutes and hanging out with two rad ladies and talking about crime.

Anna (The American)

My interest in true crime started like many other now 30-something Americans, with amateur detective Jessica Fletcher. I remember settling in on a Sunday evening, popcorn and Murder, She Wrote. My fascination only progressed from Cabot Cove and on to Columbo and Law and Order. As I got older, I started reading mysteries and discovered a still favorite, Forensic Files.

For the last 11 years, I’ve lived in the UK with my husband and daughter. Unfortunately for my husband, he does not share my true crime passion. Also, unfortunately for my husband, I have taken no notice and he is regularly forced to watch the latest true crime doc or Netflix mystery. Luckily, two years ago I met these great ladies and we are able to share our love of all thing’s true crime.